Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make Money Blogging

How to make money blogging involves more than producing appealing content for readers, but the process is quite straight forward enough to understand for the benefit of those who aspire to know how to earn money blogging. Here are a number of of the strategies that you can use on your blogs.

Flagship blogs This requires you to concentrate on a small number of blogs in order for them to be able to accomplish popularity in their respective niche. A huge audience support and high visitor traffic are the prerequisite of flagship blogs. In order to succeed and make this work, you should possess adequate know-how in niche marketing and networking skills. It is very tiresome to keep up with flagship blogs, but there are many rewards in terms of more options in monetization fame and personal satisfaction.

Sponsored posts You are required to create multiple niche blog with this method, which can come up with their specific domains or powered by free of charge services such as Blogger. You have to churn out top quality content and concentrate on promoting their Google Page Rank and Alexa Rank. After that you can submit these blogs to websites such as Pay per Post, Review Me and Blogitive, which compensate you by per blog post.

Automated blogging You can also create blogs and set them up to extract quality contents from news sources, RSS feeds and search engines repeatedly. The contents will act as your websites' content. This method will involve very little work on your part, just regular maintenance and a little SEO.

Join a blog network If you really aspire to succeed in money blogging, this is one of the most successful methods to stick to. You will be paid for creating and maintaining contents for your blogs. Your remuneration will depend on the quantity of page views you obtain. You may be given part of the share of the ad revenue from the blog or a small nominal base fee. This helps to provide a more steady monthly take-home pay for you and also some valuable contacts.

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Bradley said...


Thanks for sharing the useful information. For blogging for profit you need to create a long term plan, you have to decide what topics you are going to write your blog posts on, what tags you are going to use, how many post you will write for a particular topic, how will you effectively monetize your blog, how often will you post, what will your layout be? to make money from blogging.

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