Friday, June 26, 2009

How To Boost Seo With Twitter

Of course, it's certainly no closely guarded secret that to get more web traffic to their sites, many internet marketers have been taking advantage of Web 2.0 technologies in order to boost SEO. In fact, this couldn't be more apparent than it is with blogs and social networking sites.

However, in more recent times, many marketers are becoming heavily involved with Twitter. Of course, one could argue that Twitter does in fact fall into the same category as social networking, but the difference is Twitter is unique in that it's a micro-blogging service as well. If you're currently involved with internet marketing and you're also considering taking advantage of Twitter in order to boost SEO, then you'd be well advised to look at some of the problems and challenges faced by fellow marketers.

A Big Challenge Awaits New Users

One of the first things new users need to realize is, you have to start off slowly, in much the same way as you no doubt started out with other social networking sites. First and foremost, you need to become a follower of all the other Twitter members that you've become acquainted with via other networking sites. If all goes according to plan, they will return the favor as such by following you as well. As you more than likely already know, if you want to improve your rankings, you need to have as many followers as possible.

In Twitter, Shared Link Have "No-Follow" Attribute

One of the most discouraging aspects of Twitter is that when somebody clicks on your link, it has absolutely no effect on your page ranking. However, there is no need to throw in the towel because of this. Instead, you can post rewritten URL's with the necessary keywords on the link which will of course ensure they are discovered by the various search engines.

Character Limits in Twitter

Essentially, you need to pay close attention to two numbers in Twitter. The first number is 30, and this is the character limit for live links. The second number is 140 and this in turn is the overall character limit for each message. While it simply isn't possible to get around the 140 character limit, there are a few workarounds with regards to the 30 character limit for URL's.

For example, many marketers now make use of sub-domains on their sites in order to point to their longer page. For the most part, sub-domains are easy to customize for free and what's more, there's a good chance that you'll be able to squeeze in a few words within the character limit. Likewise, some savvy marketers are also using dummy blogs which have similar content, but which link to the page they are wanting visitors to see.

The Importance of Keyword Research

As many marketers can attest to, Twitter can be painfully tough if you limit yourself too severely with regards to the keywords you use. However, because Twitter has such a phenomenal page ranking, the use of keywords is vital. By doing adequate research for the ideal keywords, you'll be able to tap into a potentially endless supply of traffic.

Of course, Twitter is more beneficial to some than it is to other. This of course depends on what product or service you've chosen to promote but even if Twitter is not the ideal tool for you, you can still use it to your advantage, even if you only use it to ensure your site gets listed on the search engine results.

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Onsite Seo Checklist

Going to upload a brand new site? Here are some important checklists to ensure that your site is search engine friendly.

1.) Check to see if all pages have unique Title tags: Check all pages of your website to ensure that each page has a unique title tag. Even pages like “copyrights page” and “privacy policy page” that do not hold any value when it comes to SEO should have a proper title tag.

2.) Check to see if all pages have unique Meta tags: Meta tags (description and keywords tag) do not hold much value when it comes to SEO but they can act as effective marketing tools. If you decide to have Meta tags on your site ensure that every page has a unique meta description and keywords tag. It is better not to have meta tags at all than to repeat the same tags on all pages.

3.) Check for broken links: Make sure that your website does not have any broken links. There are many online tools available that will help you check for broken links will ease.

4.) Check for orphan pages: Orphan pages are those pages that have a link from an external web page but no link from an internal page. If your site has any such pages, make sure to link to them from an internal page or delete them permanently from the server.

5.) Check to see if you have Robots.txt: Add a robots.txt page to your site and use it to block unwanted pages from getting crawled. You can block search pages, login pages, admin panels and everything else that you feel is not important.

6.) Check for canonical issues: Canonical URLs can give rise to duplication issues, so make sure to check your site for canonical issues and rectify then. You can rectify most of the canonical issues easily by using the recently available canonical meta tag. Just Google up the term ‘canonical meta tag’ to get more information

7.) Check redirects to ensure they are 301: If your site uses any redirects check them to ensure that they are being redirected using a 301 permanent redirect. You can use a “server header checker” program to find what type of redirect the server is using. Many such tools are available free on the net. Just Google up for the term 'server header checker' to find a host of free tools.

8.) Check to see if your site has a custom 404 error page: Make sure that your site has a custom 404 error page to handle 404 errors. Your custom page needs to have links back to important pages of your site. Having a 404 error page also shows that your site is professional.

9.) Check to see that your main links are no more than 2 clicks away from the homepage: Make sure that all your important pages are no more than 2 clicks away from the homepage of your site. This is not only useful from the SEO point of view, but also useful from the web usability point of view. Remember that links present on the homepage are given the maximum level of importance by a search engine.

10.) Check to see if your site has a Sitemap: Make sure that your site has a sitemap with links to all the important pages on your site. If your sitemap has more than 100 links on it, consider splitting it up into different pages.

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Effective Way Of Internet Marketing

The internet and internet marketing has revolutionized the way people communicate, the way people interact and the way people do business. It is such a potent tool that millions of people surf and make use of the internet every day in order to maximize its potential. In fact, the internet can be used for different objectives and aims and can be utilized in many ways.

To say that the internet changed the way people market products and services is an understatement. This type of marketing has ensured that owners of business and managers of businesses can reach their target markets without using the tried and tested routes that are familiar to them decades ago. There is no longer the need to face the customer in person in order to market their; what they need to do now is to make use of the internet infrastructure in order to target their respective markets. Doing this means slashing the cost of the distribution of product information. And the good thing as well about internet marketing through the net’s infrastructure is that there is an automatic exchange of information and feedback. Thus, the internet is just the perfect medium for cost-effective type of marketing. And that’s what internet marketing is all about.

What is referred to as internet marketing is actually a broad term that refers to a number of sub-marketing types. For example, there are these search engine marketing, marketing through blogs, affiliate marketing and a host of other types of marketing.

For the un-initiated, perhaps what he understands about internet marketing is that a placement of one advertisement in one widely-read site will do the trick. This isn’t the case. A more cost-effective way of utilizing the internet doesn’t simply require the placement of ads in one notable site. The owner of the product and the service must make sure that a number of ways of advertisement should be used and it should be synergistic in order to get the desired results. For example, if you own a car accessories shop online, then it is imperative that you take a look at the kind of products you have and the target market of these car accessories. Then make sure that your ad campaign must target the niche market you are after by using the right tone of campaign. It also matters if you optimize the placement of these advertisements online. This is where search engine marketing, search engine optimization and other types of marketing comes in handy.

Though it may look good on the surface, there are some things that may force business owners and managers to rethink internet marketing. Because the internet is anchored on new and expensive technologies, then this thing can be the one that can put back some participants. Another limitation of internet marketing is low speed internet. Not all homes are connected through hi-speed internet and a great majority is even not connected to the internet. Also the issue of consumers not having the ability to immediately test the products and services they are after pose serious concerns. These problems are the ones that internet marketing managers must face and address, in order to fully utilize the potential of the internet.

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Internet Marketing Career

With the advent of Internet, marketing has evolved from its tradition avatar into more robust and dynamic forms. Internet marketing has developed as a fast growing industry in itself. Owing to its fast growth, it has also opened up immense job opportunities for youngsters looking to get into a marketing job but are not interested in the regular marketing stuff. Jobs in Internet marketing are quite different as compared to normal marketing jobs. While the purpose remains the same, the approach differs as Internet audience behaves and reacts in a different manner.

Also, those aspiring for Internet marketing jobs have to be passionate about technology and keep themselves abreast with the latest tech advancements in the field. Thus, the basic skills that you require for an Internet marketing job are: thorough knowledge of the Internet space, a technical bend of mind, knowledge of marketing basics and loads of creativity. Since Internet domain is fast developing and the competition is also rising increasingly, one has to be on one’s feet all the time to be successful in this domain. Since Internet is a very powerful medium of communication, it needs an especially designed strategy to sell ideas to people.

Since Internet is a democratic domain, it rewards those who have done enough to ensure that apart from the worth of the product or service offered, the site is seen and marketed well to the users in this domain. The Internet audience is not bound by time or location. It was a world-wide audience. So, Internet Marketing requires talking to your customer wherever he/she may be. Once the traffic to the site builds up, it features prominently on the search pages and that is from where more traffic comes. Also, banner advertising on various other sites is on way of Internet Marketing. Then, there are text ads that are run on various sites. There are ad networks that handle such advertisements and place the ads on selected relevant locations. There is a whole industry dedicated to carry out and think of creative and innovative ways to promote things on the Internet. Even offline products are promoted online.

To get a job in Internet Marketing, one doesn’t really require a formal degree. MBAs, engineers, math graduates, and many others can do it equally well with practice. It pays to be creative and quick in this domain. The field is relatively new and is ever changing. Thus, there is scope of a lot of innovations and taking it to the next level. There area certain set practices following which one can enter the industry and once the nuances are learnt, one can look at any revolutionary idea.

There are basically three types of websites that carry out businesses on the internet. Firstly, there are customer to customer websites that enable communication of the consumers. They allow users to interact with each other and then benefit from their experiences for various pursuits. These would include networking sites, matrimonial sites etc. Then there are business to business websites where businesses link up with each other. This is primarily done for transactions and buying and selling of products and services. Then, there are business to customer websites where consumers of the products or the services being provided can directly come to the site. Internet marketing is the most efficient for such sites.

For a person in the Internet Marketing space, it is important to have a deep and clear understanding of all the types of sites and the mentality of the users coming to those sites. It is only when one understands the relevant audience that one can market any thing to them. They have to be spoken to in their language. Of course, creativity is important but it should not be ambiguous. Since the attention space of the Internet users is very less, it is better to keep the communication direct and crisp. Then, ranking up in the search engines is one sure way of targeting the relevant audience and getting the right traffic to the site. There are various practices to achieve this and these practices are an imminent part of successful Internet Marketing. Any product or service on offer should very clearly be able to state its advantages to the users and make them come to the site that is being marketed.

Most companies in the internet space do a lot of spending on Internet marketing and there are various job opportunities in such companies. Other than that, even offline companies hire agencies to do Internet marketing for them. These agencies also have good jobs on offer. One looking to pursue a career in this field can look at starting his/her career from either of these and then go on to learn and carve a successful career here.

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Friday, June 19, 2009

Social Networking Research On The Open Road

Social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter may be hitting the headlines and are certainly the in thing when it comes to keeping up to date with the daily lives of friends and celebrities. But the value of social networking as a marketing tool for many businesses remains something of a mystery.

If you believe some of the biggest fans of the blogosphere, no self respecting business executive should be without his or her personal blog or twitter to keep the world abreast of their latest ideas, products or services.

But is the investment, particularly in terms of time and effort, paid back in terms of sales or even visits to the blogger's website?

In order to try and shine some light on the issue I recently set up a little experiment to test the effectiveness of blogs and twitters as marketing tools. Admittedly not the most scientific of tests, but it did highlight some interesting trends.

Those who know me will tell you that I'm something of a fanatic when it comes to motorbikes and motorbike racing in particular. For months I had planned to travel to the Moto Grand Prix at Le Mans and decided to provide live updates of the bike trip from my mobile on both a blog and Twitter, and test the commercializing possibilities of the interested traffic to a site providing other MotoGP bike tours.

I then asked friends and contacts, via email, to approach their extended networks to attract users to the two media channels to watch the progress of the five-day trip.

To ensure a fair result, both the blog and the Twitter accounts used were brand new, therefore there was no traffic coming from historical events or profiles. In addition to the blog and Twitter, I also posted updates on my existing Facebook page, this was primarily used to give a benchmark between social media; Facebook being friends that already know me and Twitter who didn't know me previously.

On my return I looked at where the most referrals to the new blog had come from and the findings of the research threw up some interesting results.

Pouring through the statistics it demonstrated how a well constructed blog is important, Google particularly was revisiting the blog several times a day, it appeared that they were listing the content in the search results almost as soon as it went live.

But first things first- I am in dire need of finding a few more friends who are interested in bikes! The levels of interest shown by friends on Facebook only just beat that of strangers on Twitter!

More importantly, over the 5 days the blog acquired over a thousand views, of which Twitter and Facebook combined accounted for 29% of this traffic (Facebook 15% and Twitter 14%). Surprisingly the search engines generated more than twice the number of visitors- a total of 64%.

Out of these visitors 20% were interested enough to pass from the blog to the commercial site
to view other motorbike trips for the future.

Although the results of this simple test are far from conclusive, some interesting trends do seem to emerge- particular for anyone thinking of using social networking as a means to generating business.

First, both Twitter and Facebook could be good for businesses who are operating in a consumer-focussed environment- but only if they have something interesting to say!

However, in a business-to-business (B2B) situation, the advantages are not so clear cut. First many business people are too busy with their day-to-day work to follow Twitters and blogs. Equally the pace of change and having something interesting to say often becomes a hindrance to generating content for their own blogs or Twitters, or even to regularly update their Facebook pages.

What's more, a recently published study by a Harvard team revealed that just 10% of Twitter users generate more than 90% of the content on the Twitter site which remains the preserve of a dedicated few, despite the hype surrounding it.

The results of my own research shows that although social media is a significant contributor to visitor attraction, search engines are still the most significant provider of visitors to blogs.

The fact that 20% of the traffic migrated from the blog, which was not an aggressive sales pitch device, to a commercial site goes to reinforce how useful a blog may prove to commercial sites, especially if it contains regularly updated theme news and information.

This will not only help the blogger to establish themselves as something of a guru in their own particular field but, more importantly boost their website's traffic and search engine ranking.

Overall the internet may by undergoing something of a social revolution but when it comes to online marketing, no one technique should be used in isolation but most significantly search engine optimization remains king!

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PPC and SEO: Two Sides of the Coin

These days' pay per click seems to be much more expensive. Hence, the owners of sites deemed appropriate to combine with Pay per click search engine optimization. This is true, they will be able to take advantage of their exposure and give them a chance to have a much better position in search engines.

Pointing out the difference between the SEO and Pay per click you should know that these two strategies are totally different, and yet they can be used together. They carry out hand in hand. As a business owner site, you must understand the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

Search Engine Optimization

Let's compare search engine optimization to building the infrastructure necessary for your business. This will be one of your bases, building blocks for your site. As long as you can do this right, you do not really extend a great effort on pay per click. The results that you learn from this situation are certainly in the long term. They can last for months or years, even if you've already stopped paying your campaign with a click.

Because of its importance, it is absolutely not recommended to stop the search engine optimization campaign due to pay per click program as there are new techniques and tricks that you have to apply to your site. Nevertheless, whenever it is high time that you need to reduce the budget you have for your search engine optimization campaign, you do not have to worry much as you still draw good results if you never expect to be the same as your expectations. After all, Web sites that never ceases to their search engine optimization campaign appear as always No. 1 or belong to the senior.

The only drawback with search engine optimization is the time and energy you have to spend it. You can not really wait to see the results in a day's time. Usually, you'll have to wait about a month or even longer, depending on the strategies that you have put in place. For example, if you have opted for organic listing in directories, which means you do not have to pay for your registration, May it take for half a year before they can hear from them or confirm if you were included in their list. In other words, search engine optimization is the best choice if you're looking for long-term results, but if you want something that will support your short-term goal, you want May to settle for a pay per click campaign.

Pay Per Click

There are different advertising techniques. For the long time Most of companies used to capture radios, television and even the streets for their ads. With the advent of the Internet, they discovered that the effects of promotion can be easily seen and, therefore, they focus on ways to advertise their online activities. One of the most effective methods is Pay per click, or PPC.

Pay per click Program is more powerful by its nature. The campaign can certainly help you get a very good place in search engines. In addition, sales of high conversion rate of your ad because you can select the most effective keywords and determine the most ideal landing. However, he did not really say that it is completely different from other forms of advertising. Their quality is that once you stop to spend a little money for ads, the campaign will also cease.

Nevertheless, Pay per click is something you need to start May if you want a rigorous campaign for your business, especially when you're basically starting. Once you have completed the registration and payment for the campaign, you can already see ads on the site.

Which is it?

Pay per click Program and SEO Both are totally to each Other. Knowing the difference will help you determine where you concentrate on your energy.

The Great thing about the Pay per click Program is that it produces Certain Results for your internet marketing Campaign from starting to End. You'll undoubtedly be able to calculate your return on investment and evaluate immediately if Pay per click works well for you, or if there are things you have to make some adjustments. On the other hand, optimizing search engine can take a very long time before you can see the results of your campaign. Secondly, it becomes much more difficult for you to determine the value of your campaign in terms of numbers because the effects can be extended to long term. However, you need to do so in the SEO can guarantee better placement in search engines.

A wise business owner knows he must do Pay per click and SEO. You must, however, know also the best time to implement any of these techniques.

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Importance of Crawl Depth from SEO Perspective

Search engines give result for a searched term on the basis of the ranking given to the sites corresponding to those keywords. This ranking is based on the indexing of websites that the search engine gathers periodically. The indexing is further done through a periodic crawling process done through a program known as a crawler. Thus, a crawler is responsible for the ultimate searched result generated for a certain keyword when searched in a search engine. For anyone engaged in ecommerce or SEO in Australia or anywhere in the world, the search engine crawling factor is of paramount importance.

The frequency and the way of crawling give the search-engine the up-to-date data from a website. Crawlers are used to create copies of the visited pages for indexing and facilitating faster search. To get the right information, the crawlers move deep into the website and check the relevancy of the website with respect to the searched term. The term Crawl Depth quantifies the limit of crawling of a website. Because of the complexity of search and the availability of vast resources over the web, the Crawl depth factor increases very often.

From organic SEO perspectives, it is important to get a site properly and deeply crawled by search engines. A few factors are pivotal in this regard:


Backlinks from reputed and popular directories, social networking sites can help to easily find the site by search engine crawlers. A frequent visit by crawlers will ultimately ensure a better and deeper crawling.

Updated content

The content should be original and updated regularly. Updated content attracts crawlers frequently.

Internal linking

The internal link structure of the website also affects crawlers’ visits. Pages which are heavily linked internally attract crawlers more.

Using a Sitemap

A sitemap helps in getting the site indexed and crawled deeply. The robots.txt file, on the other hand, prevents the crawler from crawling any restricted or unwanted page. In terms of web search engine optimization , proper and correct robots.txt entries ensure a speedy crawling of the website.

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Being a Student of SEO

Have you ever wondered how websites gain a following? It’s usually one of three things, the website is owned by an already renowned brand and it’s being promoted through other advertising media, the website has content that’s new to web surfers, or the website is a student of Search engine optimization. This isn’t applicable for every website but these are the cases wherein a website can become popular enough to be called successful, and sometimes it takes a combination of those cases to ensure that success.

I’m here to talk about the last case. According to a Sydney seo agency, being a student of Search engine optimization or SEO is a great tool on your way to success. A website lives off on the traffic it gets, this increases the chance for them to fulfill their website’s purpose, and because of that reason why utilizing the search engine is very important.

Most people find what they need through search engines like Google and Yahoo, and the websites that they usually go to are the one found at the top of the list, the further a website is down that list the further its chance is for the web surfer to go look in it. Here’s where search engine optimization comes in. Search engine optimization or SEO takes into consideration how search engines looks for relevant websites according to the keyword used by the searcher. They usually consider the relevance of the search phrase to the website, but it’s not limited to that, search engines usually consider the Meta tags, contained keywords and other factors for the website to be placed at top and as a student of SEO you should abide by how these search engines use those factors and make your websites conducive for them to find you.

One of the easiest things you should do as a student of SEO is to make your title accurate, descriptive and relevant. The title is the single most important SEO element in your website because search engines put more ranking weight on a more descriptive, accurate and relevant title. Another reason is that it makes your content obvious to your readers, simple as that.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Five Important Tips for SEO

When you are about to launch your website, you feel quite confused which SEO should be chosen for the getting a good ranking, and off course a good traffic to your website. Traffic to your website depends on the Search engine optimization process, which you might be aware of but here are with few tips on how to choose a good SEO for the purpose.

A) Rank of the SEO

First thing first in this process is the ability and the capability of the SEO. The ability of a SEO can be tested by asking for the rating of the company itself. If an SEO cannot rate itself at a good rank, than it is hardly possible that it can do the same task for you. So, in case you are hunting for an SEO, make sure you ask for the company’s own rating first.

B) Set realistic targets

Second most important thing is the target that you suggest and they agree. If an SEO company is making you a commitment of getting a good ranking in just a month or so, forget it as such promises are false because the targets are unrealistic. SEO ranking is an on going process and there are a lot of criteria that a website needs to fulfill for getting a good positing with the SEO. There are a lot of tools and standards that are used as a base for the calculation of the position. Any well experienced SEO will be aware of the process and working of the search engines and would set a realistic target for you.

C) Service base of SEO

While you are all set to choose an SEO to work for you, you must make a quick revision of the SEO services that an SEO is likely to provide to its users/ clients. The service base of an SEO includes other things as well, besides the main function of projecting the website and giving it a ranking. Before signing the deal make sure you have clarified what you will be provided for with the money you spend. In case you are unaware of the SEO functions and services you can clarify your doubts at the SEO forum. Link building and updating of the site are few of the services which are given together in a package.

D) Service backup

Service backup is also one of the major areas of concern while you are looking for an SEO company. Any good SEO company should be able to back up all the services it is committed to give. In the market you are likely to find many that can promise a great deal but only good and reputed ones are able to back up their services. However, they may not guarantee their work. Your search should be for a company that gives a reliable services back even if it does not guarantee. A lot of queries and questions might have bogged down your head as to what is the need of signing a SEO firm that doesn’t give guarantee but is there to give a service back, well all these questions have clear answers to them at SEO blogs and SEO forums that are specially working to solve your problems.

E) clear analysis

Last but not the least look for clear warning signs that can show you the right picture and can even show you the right path. These warning signs can be many and few of them are laid down for you right here:-

1) Often many SEO firms ask their clients to develop multiple sites so that it can help in link building. Also, they find it an easy way to attract different search engines. If you are planning to say yes to such an SEO firm I would recommend you not to do so as you will only end up wasting your resource. For good Search engine optimization rating you need not have many sites but a one good website with essential articles and proper link back-ups. Incase you wish to make use of two or more website make sure you have two different topics that do not somehow relate each other.

2) There are in market various kinds of tools with which articles can be generated automatically. If this kind of job is done, it is better you change your SEO firm. Articles are major factors that bring traffic to your website and their quality and originality makes a lot of difference to SEO ratings, if they fail, what is the use of them being placed on webpage.

3) Link building is very important for getting the higher search engine rating and if somehow you see that your SEO firm is promising you a good SEO position without any planning on link building regime, it is better that you back of.

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SEO Specialists Are Not Magicians

It's frustrating when your website isn't working as well as you'd hoped it would. Finally you realise you need some help so you contact an SEO consultant.

"So..." you say..."How much will it cost to get my site to the top of Google?"

Although it might make sense to you to ask for a fixed price for a simple task like getting to the top of Google, I'd advise stopping for a moment and thinking about what you are asking. All things being equal there are several basic boxes your site needs to tick to get to the top of Google for a specific keyword or phrase. For the purpose of this exercise let's agree the keyword is competitive, i.e. it's a phrase lots of other sites want to rank for.

  1. The content of the page you think should be number one should match the search criteria. This means covering all the SEO basics.

  2. The site should be an established and trusted presence. If your site is new it's not going to be number one for a competitive phrase. You have to be patient.

  3. Your page will need lots of links from relevant sources. Links to your page suggest to the search engines it's a trusted information resource. The links should be from other trusted and relevant resources and the link or anchor text should also be relevant.

If all the above is in place and being constantly improved and developed you should be in the running. However, there's one aspect of this whole conundrum which means your place at the top can't be guaranteed.

The missing link that's hard to figure out is knowing what your competition are doing. If the phrase you are chasing is valuable then lots of other site owners will also be chasing it. What if they are doing everything you are doing, and then some? What if they are creating killer content that's attracting quality links? What if they are hiring 10 people to look for links for 8 hours a day?

All ethical SEO consultants are working hard to attract quality traffic for their clients but search engines are complex beasts. So as you embark on your SEO Sydney make sure your SEO company are being straight with you. If they are claiming a special relationship with Google that's going to take your site to the top of the SERPs ask them how they are solving the problems mentioned above.

Get Traffic With SEO Thinking

To get traffic to your website, you have to understand how Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, works. To understand SEO you need to understand how search engines work. To put it bluntly search engines have workers and thinkers, spiders and indexers. The spiders collect as many documents as they can and brings them to the indexer. The indexers ‘reads’ them and then applies an algorithm to the TEXT ONLY, very important to remember, and awards it a score in order to present only relevant search results. The key then to applying SEO effectively is to write content with this algorithm in mind.

A SEO pro could easily take days of your time to discuss the ins and outs of search engine optimization. And since the algorithms for search engines change every now and then, they might have reason to have so much to say. In my opinion SEO should not take too much of your time really, it’s always better to write compelling content for people as oppose to machines. If you remember the following 4 highlights you should do just fine in the long run.

So, mental note to self, remember the following 4 headlines:
Keyword prominence
• Proximity
• Density
• Frequency
Keyword prominence is exactly what it says; make your keywords prominent. Put them at the top of every page, put them in the titles headers and in the first paragraph of your text. Apparently it’s even important to put keywords at the start of a sentence. ‘SEO I must learn’, if you’re a Star Wars fan. If you think about it, it actually makes sense. If you have a page with ‘get traffic’ in the name, ‘get traffic in the title, and ‘get traffic’ mentioned numerously in the first paragraph, I’m guessing that the article is about getting traffic.

Keyword proximity refers to how close keywords are situated to each other. You must have heard of that age old saying: “Keywords of a feather flock together”. This should actually come pretty naturally if you’re writing about a certain subject.

Keyword frequency indicates to the search engine that you are staying on subject and that the whole article is definitely about ‘get traffic’. This again makes a lot of sense, if you have a lot of ‘get traffics’ at the start of your article and none at the end then you may have lost the plot and the search engines don’t like that. If you constantly refer to the same words then that article is probably about that subject and then relevant to the search.

Keyword density is a holistic view of your entire article and is measured as a percentage. This article is about 700 words long and ‘get traffic’ is mentioned about 10 times. That gives me a keyword density of 1.5% for the key phrase ‘get traffic’. Because spammers, and especially pornographers, have caught on to this search engines probably flag sites that have ridicules keyword densities. The recommended density for your keywords should be in the range of 3-7%. Just as a side note, words such as ‘is’, ‘our’ and ‘the’ are not counted.

As you probably noticed all 4 of these SEO factors are rather closely related. And throughout this article we only used one key phrase, being ‘get traffic’. Now imagine you had 10 keywords that you want to get ranked for. If you were too concerned about SEO, you would either write something that would make little sense to a real person, or simply considered spam. I said it once and I’ll say it again: it’s much better for your readers and your sanity just to produce good and accurate content. That’s what really gets your traffic.

So, in a nutshell, you want to remember:
• Search engines only read text, so include at least 100 words in every page text
• Use keywords at the beginning of the page, paragraphs
• Place keywords close to each other
• Repeat keywords 3-7 times for every 100 words
• Get traffic

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