Sunday, October 25, 2009

Practical Social Marketing Tips

Can you get traffic from Social Marketing? The answer is not only a resounding YES, I would change the question "How many ways can get traffic from Social Marketing and Social Media?"

Rethinking Social Marketing your articles for traffic

Their forms are many reuse and recycling to repackage your items for many more traffic. Let's take a closer look at how to leverage some of the tools for Social Marketing Articles busiest.

Twitter - When a new article published in one of the article directories or on its website, announcing in Twitter. But not just stop there. Follow citing article with a link to read the entire piece. Ask a question and then direct your article to the answer. See the article by answering the questions posed by other users.

Facebook - You can announce new items on the page both in regular and in Facebook Facebook Fan Pages. Use excerpts from his article, with links to the entire piece. You can even upload your entire article as well.

Your blog - This is a great way to keep those already on your list back for more. You can publish your article in its entirety. You can use the "read more" tag to send part of his article that leads to another page with the full article. You can create a series of blog tips section or article.

YouTube - YouTube is currently receiving double the traffic of Google. Why did not you do this? Taking points from his article and create PowerPoint slides. O Using Camtasia Studio Cam create screenshots of the slides and talk about his perspective through the points. Read more.

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Social Bookmarking Sites

Most people already have knowledge of social bookmarking sites or already be a member of one of those sites. Social bookmarking sites are very popular today. Therefore, if not already aware of them, no need to worry. I will provide all the information you need to know about them.

These sites are used by the Internet to handle, sort, store and search for web pages. We all use our favorite browser feature to save important sites or web pages that are of interest to us. Social bookmarking websites are based on the same basic idea, but they have much more functionality than the bookmark function of your browser. The use of these sites, you can share your favorite web pages with friends or the Internet users in general. There are several ways through which you can organize your bookmarks.

If somehow you lose all your favorites on your computer after a computer crash, you can not recover. However, if the bookmarks are stored online, you can access them without any problems and these markers can be accessed from anywhere in the world, not just its own team. If you stumble upon a site on a rare and great topic of interest you would like to share with your friends, you can simply add to an account on a social bookmarking site and all your friends can see it.

These bookmarking sites are very beneficial if you want to promote your website or online business. If you've launched a new website and want the world to know about it, you can send as many places as a marker that some visitors want and obtain easy and free. That's the main reason these sites have become so popular.

These sites are also good for connecting with new people who share the same interest as you. You can also make business networking on these sites. Social Bookmarking is fun and easy to do. So join a popular social bookmarking site and get started!

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Switch Effective Web Design Company

Website design companies are getting expert in building web site more attractive and easy guiding tools, the major feature is that they create all this cost effective. These companies have cutting edge and excellent technological set up, and the working staff is highly skilled and the entire staff knows the roots of the web designing. As the number of web sites growing at a very rapid speed on the World Wide Web, the website designing is also rising as art and science which is well paying business.

Website design is an innovative work that requires some creativity and idea. These companies usually involve and use technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML, etc. these companies are proficient in the Internet marketing and promoting the web sites. These companies follow web standards to create easy accessibility, search engine visibility and usability.

Website design comprises of content, graphic, tag, update pages and so on. Web designing is the process of designing, executing, modeling, and structuring the aspects which are appropriate for web site. Web site is one of the best medium to endorse your business online. The web design company provides help to build a web site. The main purpose of the web site is to attract users towards it.

If suitable website designing is completed for any web site then it fetches more demand between the web searchers and come up with more attractiveness among the people. Web designing not only design the web site but also maintain those sites which are highly popular and useful for the users.

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Brand Marketing using Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a chance for companies big and small, to build on their brand awareness. Social media optimization is often the marketing campaign that follows after or along with SEO. Many businesses are starting to use social media optimization as part of their marketing campaigns. This helps companies understand what the consumers want, what needs improvement and what products and services they are satisfied with. Offshore SEO companies can design social media marketing campaigns for businesses to gracefully enter into this market sector and effectively build brand awareness.

Recently, Audi's marketing team decided to use Social Media Optimization in order to connect with their consumers. Audi used Facebook, one of the most popular social networks on the Internet today, to get feedback from followers and consumers. Audi decided to ask their followers what they wanted to see in a car of the future. By posting videos, information and updates, they asked their followers to provide their input, ideas and suggestions. Audi decided to incorporate this consumer feedback at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show to participate in the Los Angeles Design Challenge contest they entered. Not only will this feedback give them the opportunity to hopefully crack this contest, but as one of the most celebrated car manufacturers on the planet, they have priceless information directly from the consumers to put into practice.

Audi's not the only company that's realized the power of social media optimization. Sony after analyzing the impact blog post reviews have on the sales of their products, decided to offer "daddy bloggers" free products to test out and write reviews. Generations today, have shown a change of household roles with more dads staying at home to care for their children while mothers go out to bring home the bread. With that said, baby care and toy product companies have been focusing on mothers who blog while Sony is interested in the fathers, with their love of electronic and digital equipment. But then Sony offering free merchandise for fathers to test out brings a valid point to mind. If you're getting free equipment, who wouldn't write a bad review? A dad reviewing a Sony product he got for free; will he feel obligated to only write the positive things about the product? Or will he honestly bring to the attention of his blog readers, the areas of improvement this product needs? It's a controversial marketing campaign which definitely makes some consumers wonder if these product review blog posts can be trusted. Read More..

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Open Source Theme Design

Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, ZenCart, OsCommerce Design

SEORank provides the theme designing services of popular Open Source systems - bulletin boards, portals, content management systems, etc. If you want to change the look of your Open Source system, we can readily modify almost every web template to use it with your site. We have world class templates which can save your time and costs. But you should consult with our staff to approve selected template before buying it. If you already have a design in mind for your open source system, we can use that. In either ways, we can help you create a professional and customizable open source system of your own choice.

Our skilled and efficient developers are expert in designing templates, creating skins, installing open source solutions and their modules. They are adept in doing design integration and also make custom modification to cater varied range of client needs. We have highly skilled professionals with years of open source programming and development experience. The result is prompt and reliable performance.

The salient features of our service are:
  • Analyzing your requirements thoroughly to understand your business demands.
  • Performing extensive research to identify optimal open source technologies which suit your needs.
  • Identifying areas that need customization, and preparing a plan to integrate open source software technologies.
  • Subjecting the software to thorough quality assurance testing to identify any inherent software glitches, after customization and integration process is done.
  • Creating detailed customer-oriented documentation to help you use the software effectively.
  • Providing technical support and maintenance for the software.

Drupal is a content management system and web application framework used and trusted by thousands of individuals and businesses for creating personal and corporate websites, ecommerce sites, social networking sites, intranets, and much more.

Services related to Drupal website design and development will help you implement and improve visibility on the Internet, credibility of work, usability, efficiency of sales processes via website, and reduction of operating costs.

Additionally, we are proficient authors of many Joomla! CMS (Content Management Systems) implementations, many of them including advanced customizations, own add-on components, mambots and modules. We do not just apply Joomla templates, but develop complex publishing sites. We can also assist you to add a functionality or if you have any idea of your own.

SEO Services
Web Design Sydney

Website Re-Designing

Take a moment just check in your website. Do you think its look and feel will help you in promoting your company’s products and services? Is it favoring your brand name? Are the navigation features sound enough and is the browsing easy to do? Are customers pouring in and are you making sales from them?

If the answer to any of the answers is NO, then your website needs serious redesigning. We at SEORank will do website redesign so that you can rev up your marketing efforts and bring in creidbility.Our team of website redesigners evaluate reasons of failures of your existing site. Then ideas are implemented which guarantee an improved look and feel along with its features which are sure to pull in visitors and clients.

Understanding Target audience

We attach great importance to the target audience with your inputs. The target audience has specific tastes and wants with respect to a website. A definite plan to serve the specific target is created then along with the relevant themes. The colors, designs, and animation will be set accordingly.

Rich Content

Our website redesigning team understands the role of content for a website. Besides the content, there should concise and accurate communication of the desired information. Our content writers can write up relevant articles that will draw more audience to your site.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Adequate content is provided along with relevant key words optimizing your position in the top search engine rankings. Staying on the top is crucial to guarantee increased visitors to your website. Also keywords are provided based on target audience as well as product and service. Additionally, popularity of those websites will get boosted bringing in more audience.

Easy browsing and navigation

Easy navigation is an essential ingredient to make your website popular and successful. A good redesign will assure that the site is easy to browse and navigate. The content will need constant updation and new styles pouring in.

Bandwidth Friendly

Redesigning a site will help the website to load quicker and faster. A website which takes time to load is not user-friendly which will increase the bounce rate and result in no favorable results.

Benefits of redesigning a website:

  • A rejuvenated look
  • User friendly website
  • Fast downloading of the site
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Implementation of best and latest web techniques
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