Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Increasing Popularity Of Twitter seems to be hogging all the social networking and web 2.0 news these days. Every other day, one reads/hears something or the other about Twitter in the newspaper or on TV. Ashton Kutcher and Oprah have taken Twitter to the mainstream. Oprah has already interviewed the Twitter bosses on her show and tweeted for the first time on the show. Now, she already has over a million followers who read every tweet of hers. Ashton Kutcher, the hollywood actor already has over two million followers. He is known to post witty and funny Twitter posts which everyone likes to read.

Dell computers has done over $2 million in sales from their Twitter only deals. They post special deals in their tweets. Isn't this something new? Two years back, no one would have thought of something like this. Some airlines like Jetblue have started interacting with passengers via Twitter. People who have garnered many hundred followers have started selling ad space. On the background image of their profile, any image advertisement can be displayed for a certain period. One or two companies have begun ad agencies on these lines. Twitter has been experiencing the fastest growth these days because everyone worth their salt is jumping on the bandwagon.

Many many websites have started to offer something or the other for the community of users. Some are offering custom Twitter backgrounds for a price, while some are doing it for free. There are sites offering picture uploading, url shortening, creation of polls, desktop apps, mobile apps, etc. Someone has also connected a few plants with wires, and now plants have also started tweeting. Can you believe it? The funny part is that the main website itself has no advertisements. They aren't generating any revenues, at least it looks like that. But the company is still valued around a billion dollars. It has been in the top hundred websites of the world since a long time now. Lets wait and see where the phenomenon leads us.

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Google Fever

Google Wave is the new big topic that everyone is focused on. And it deserves the attention. I recently read an article by Ben Parr from Mashable about Twave. Twave is the Google Wave extension for Twitter. And as I was reading the comments left behind, I couldn’t help but notice the excitement it is causing.

I also noticed a lot of people saying that they will stop using applications like TweetDeck if Twave matches up with them. Does this mean what I think it means? Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that if Google Wave matches the services provided by the countless other Twitter applications sites, then all those sites will be obsolete. Why would we need to use them when we can complete all our work on one single page? It will surely be a monopoly in a field that was very recently emerging – that of all the Twitter applications that are still being developed or already in use.

Personally, I do not know head or tales of what it takes to create an application. But Google, being the giant it is, would certainly by able to integrate all the services that sites like TweetLater and Twellow provide.

I have noticed this as a growing concern among many, that Google has yet again proven that it is invincible. (I know some experts are saying that it is not necessarily invincible, but for the moment it sure looks that way!) The reason they are concerned, even though they use Google extensively in their own fields, is because of the amount of control Google has at the moment. The freedom of choice - what some crave and all need - is the issue. And right now, especially after the announcement of Google Wave, things are likely to stay in their favor; but only time will tell.

For the moment though, they seem to be adding to the ever growing vocabulary of the World Wide Web. First it was the term ‘to Google’ and now it seems like the term ‘surf the web’ will be changing to ‘surf the wave’.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PPC Management

PPC Advertising is a form of online advertising wherein payment to the respective website or search engine is done based on the qualified 'click-through' of your PPC ads. The advertiser has to pay a pre-decided amount for each click that gets linked to his site based on a specific search term/query. This process is also known as Cost per click (CPC), which can determine the CTR (Click Through Rate). PPC or Pay Per Click ads, when targeted correctly can prove to swell up the bottom line incredibly.

The best & ideal way to ensure a high level of qualified CTR calls for effective PPC Advertising Management.

Effective PPC Advertising Management!

Though it sounds easy, the complete process of PPC Advertising Management can be a tricky business which needs a strategic approach, more so in the present day's stiff online competition for a result oriented online presence.

Though a tough situation, effective and strategic PPC Ad Management can turn around your business without tarnishing its image in the fight for online space and position.

The key is being able to manage Right Advertisements at the Right Time on the Right Search Pages, with of course the Right PPC Advertising Programs. Right PPC Ad Management!

All online businesses use the online auction-like advertising that is available on different search engines like the Yahoo, Google, etc. Despite that, many businesses fail to rake in the kind of money they ought to. And that is where a lot of small budget PPC campaigns are lost in the maze. What are they missing out on? Some smart thinking is required over here. Working on a smart strategy and efficient PPC Ad Management would ensure the success of your Pay Per Click advertising.

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B2b Internet Marketing

B2B in simple words can be defined as business that sells products or provides services to other business. Business to business or B2B is quite commonly used abbreviation to describe online business activity. B2B internet marketing is nothing but adopting internet to market the product or a service. Due to the revolution in the field of technology the b2b internet marketing has gained tremendous importance. Internet has become a crucial and mandatory tool in the business world.

A recent survey indicates the potential of B2B Internet Marketing The survey indicates that around 96% business decision makers believe that internet marketing is suitable for business users; despite this the fact is that many businesses do not have their own websites. The other important factor is that many businesses showed great interest in email. Email was the primary area of interest to many businesses in the realm of b2b internet marketing. The majority of the section used email to promote their products and services as it was considered to be less expensive. Cost and lack of knowledge about the b2b concept are the major reasons that stopped many companies from extending their b2b internet marketing campaigns.

B2B internet marketing would be more effective and successful provided if business decision makers adopted a few policies and work it out fruitfully. Internet marketing is quite different from offline marketing. Internet advertising requires a different approach, the web has several unique concepts which could be exploited and could be used effectively. An analytical study of the competitor would help one to understand the methods employed in marketing their products and services in the net. This would definitely enhance the creativity in marketing one’s product or services effectively in the internet.

Coordination and integration is two major factors in the realm of b2b internet marketing. The company’s offline activities should be in coordination with its online activities. Moreover the website should be effective in the area of serving its customers. The simple method to be a successful corporate website is to cater to the needs of the customers. The website has to be promoted so as to drive the visitors to the site. It is not only building a site but updating and promoting plays a major role in the B2B internet marketing activity.

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Monday, July 13, 2009

Build And Manage Your Websites List

Building and managing an opt in list for a website provides a seller direct access to a wide number of potential customers. Building and managing an opt in list makes use of a system that makes it possible for website visitors to fill up an online form in order to sign up for the latest products and services offered by an online site.

Building and managing an opt in list is commonly practiced by numerous sites on the Internet to maximize their visibility on the world wide web. Building and managing an opt in list is also a proven marketing technique that many business websites use again and again to keep loyal visitors updated on the latest products available from their favorite e-store.

Building and managing an opt in list is also useful for websites that provide news, technology and various forms of information on different subject matters. Visitors that sign up at their favorite website's opt in list can receive updates on products and services offered by the site. In addition the subscriber gains access to the site's regular ezine or newsletter.

The opt-in mailing list provided by a website is not spam, it is a legitimate sign up program for individuals sincerely interested in a website's products and services. No one is included in the opt-in mailing list without prior consent.

Gathering email addresses for building and managing an opt in list

A number of free listing services are available on the Internet to gather email addresses for a website's opt in list. However many of these free list services cannot be personalized to suit a specific site. In addition, the free service list has the option of shutting down a website's list at whatever time they choose to do so.

A better method for building and managing an opt in list begins with a good script for form processing. The script allows a subscriber to fill in a form and send it in to a specific address. The information is then processed and included in a database file.

After that, the website can send a personalized reply to the subscriber to thank them for their subscription to the site.

The online form to be filled up by a customer can also be customized to fit the format of a specific site. There are a number of websites that offer form-processing scripts wherein the generally cost price of a good script is about $30.

A pop email account should be created on the website's server in order to accommodate the influx of subscription requests. Email templates will also make the process of handling subscription request easier and faster. This will include an email template for subscription requests and possible requests from subscribers that want to unsubscribe from the Website opt in list. The option to unsubscribe helps build trust between the site visitor and the website.

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Selecting a SEO Friendly Domain Name

When it comes to choosing the best web site name for a new site, it's not so simple as just selecting a name that you like or your company name. Though selecting a familiar name can be good for branding from an SEO services perspective this may not be the best option. The website name itself, together with any page names inside the site, can all help or obstruct how easily your website will be found by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are a few concerns when first considering a new site name.

The number one focus is to attempt to select a site name that satisfactorily expresses your services and / or products ; it also wishes to be a broad enough term which will cover any growth in the services and products offered by the site.

Ideally it's best to pick a name that may be simply recollected by folks, to persuade repeat visits from consumers that come to understand your internet site website name, with the products that you offer.

From a search engine optimisation point of view it's best to select a name that contains your most serious keywords or keyword phrase. This is an example of the factors that will help your website to be search engine friendly and, with other factors, be less complicated found and gain higher rankings in the search engines. So how does one identify which is the best keyword to use? There are a few tools available openly online that will help you to build the best ones to choose between, my personal fave is the Google keyword tool. To find this simply type, 'Google keyword tool' into the Google search box, and it should come up inside the initial few results.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Increase Sales Through Strategic Internet Marketing

The Internet has now become an important medium for product and service advertisements. Almost every company that can afford print, radio and TV advertisements have also ventured into placing ads on the Internet.

But with millions of websites out there being visited by millions of computer users, how can you make sure that your ad can be seen by your target customers and that your leads will be followed by these users? Here are a few tips.

1. Place an ad on the websites frequented by your target customers. Before doing this, you need to define who will be your target customers. Placing an ad on sites that they usually visit will increase the possibility that your ad will gain the attention and will be followed your target customers.

Also, consider the website's search engine placement, traffic, external linking and the other ads placed on it. External linking will determine if there are other sites that link to this site. This will mean that people can get to the site where your ad is placed, even if they are browsing a different site. Check if many of your competitors have ads on this site.

2. Placing ads on some sites cost some money. However, there are also sites that can place a link to your site, product or service in exchange of having their link being displayed on your site. This is also true about the newsletters sent by site owners to its mailing list members regularly.

Also, having helpful links placed on your site and having sites link to your pages help in boosting search engine ranking. This is similar to making a statement that your site's content is important that other sites have links to your web pages.

3. Pay-per-click (PPC) is also a good method in Internet marketing. You will only need to pay for the ad if the link is clicked. If you prefer this method of advertisement, make sure that you are using services that set limits on daily expenses. There are also services that help you determine effective keywords and monitor the PPC results.

4. Choose your domain name wisely. It is still being debated if domain names matter when it comes to search engine placement. Whether it does or not, having product related domain names help consumers remember your domain, that they can go back to your site even without the links.

5. Make sure you have useful content on your sites. While keyword density is important in search engine placement, having useless information or annoying repetition of keywords will not increase your customer's confidence in your site. It may even affect your sites traffic and can get your site removed from search engines. So make sure that keywords are used strategically.

6. When thinking of keywords, think like your target customers. What do you think are they going to search so they can get to your site? Also, use specific keywords or key phrases. Submitting a single word or a very general phrase to a search engine will not get you to the top of the search results compared to submitting specific keywords that describe your product and services perfectly.

7. Track your ads. Always check how much you have spent on placing links on frequently visited sites and on PPC. There are services that allow you to monitor PPC transactions and how many of these end in sales. You always need to consider if the ads that you have placed on these websites are getting you to your target consumers and if these ads can lead to revenue.

One final tip on marketing products and services, sell the benefits. It will help your marketing strategies a lot if you highlight the benefits of choosing your products and services instead of merely discussing the product specifications. Product specifications may not mean much to customers, unless they know what these stand for (how these specifications affect the quality of the product or service).

Many people say getting to the top of search engine results is difficult since millions of websites exist, which can be using the same keywords. While this is true, this doesn't mean that your website has to stacked under your competitors' websites when presenting search engine results. Strategic advertising and linking, together with useful content, can also get you to the top of the search results.

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Importance of SEO Article Writing

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a technique which amplifies the row of page of the Web sites in important engines of research. It there two-track important by which one carries out the complete optimization of the site which is optimization of on-page and optimization of in the far-page. While the optimization of on-page treats to return the friendlier site with the caterpillars of Search Engine, the promotion of the site by the article publishing with the popular sites, the building of bond, and the social marketing of media concerns optimization in the far-page.

The articles of SEO are nothing but written articles a cohesive fashion with the suitable use of the key words. Now, the key words are the choice of the words or the expressions which a Netizen usually inserts in the box of the texts of search engines while seeking some information or services relating to any particular article. For example, suppose that the wishes of a user to buy a mobile by the mobile store or him on line is simply interested in knowing the specific unit. In order to be led to any Web site it feeds the combination of the words like the cheap cellphones, the last cellphones, Nokia 6300, Samsung E1120 etc Those is called the key words and of the uses of writing of the article of SEO the combination of the latter to write a knit good and a suitable article.

It usually occurs that while announcing these bonds of redirection of articles are inserted in the key words so that when the clicks of user he is led to the respective Web sites. the writing of article of seo also relates to the repetition of the particular key word a fixed number of times what is called while the density of key word or the KWD and varies to him from 1% to 4-5% according to the requirements of the professionals of SEO. However, the excessive use of the key words can tarder while the caterpillars of Search Engine can develop suspicious and especially, the readers will not feel the article in value the reading or the recommendation.

the writing of article of seo needs a certain experiment because you must present suitable contents and also ensure it that the writing includes the key words with regular intervals and in such a way that the reader should not obtain any council which the key word was unnecessarily stuffed.

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