Sunday, August 9, 2009

Search Engines Evolution

Search engines were not intelligent a few years ago. They were not able to give the most relevant results to the people who searched for specific information. They were called as the "meta search engines". But many things have changed now. Complex algorithms dependent on hundreds of factors are now deciding the best relevant pages to be shown to the searchers. Thus the strategy of a SEO professional must also change as these algorithms are tweaked constantly. Things to Remember About SEO·

Maintaining a natural link profile is very important since the search engines want to give more importance to the web pages which are not developing artificial links,
  • Diversifying the links is very important to see long term benefits,
  • Spreading your links in various domains is seen as a better practice than getting links from the same domain or same IP address,
  • Do not follow a single link building technique.
The following are the techniques you must follow to develop strong quality links:
Directory submissions - submit your sites to directories that have good amount of links to their main index pages,
Press release - this could lead to a viral link building campaign. There are also possibilities that your website will get hundreds of visitors through Google news,
Article submission - There are so many article sites which you need to use to develop links and to attract potential customers,
Social bookmarking - These are websites wherein the link of a webpage can be submitted to be listed in the appropriate category.

This is a nice way of getting links and to get traffic as these sites have a high page rank. Is Getting a Professional Service Better? SEO could be done by all webmasters. But it is a fact that you would either have no time or would not have confidence about your own SEO skills. Thus it is better to get help from a professional who would do the best quality job on your website and increase the sales of your product. Make sure that you are getting help from a person who has good experience in doing website optimization.

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