Wednesday, July 22, 2009

B2b Internet Marketing

B2B in simple words can be defined as business that sells products or provides services to other business. Business to business or B2B is quite commonly used abbreviation to describe online business activity. B2B internet marketing is nothing but adopting internet to market the product or a service. Due to the revolution in the field of technology the b2b internet marketing has gained tremendous importance. Internet has become a crucial and mandatory tool in the business world.

A recent survey indicates the potential of B2B Internet Marketing The survey indicates that around 96% business decision makers believe that internet marketing is suitable for business users; despite this the fact is that many businesses do not have their own websites. The other important factor is that many businesses showed great interest in email. Email was the primary area of interest to many businesses in the realm of b2b internet marketing. The majority of the section used email to promote their products and services as it was considered to be less expensive. Cost and lack of knowledge about the b2b concept are the major reasons that stopped many companies from extending their b2b internet marketing campaigns.

B2B internet marketing would be more effective and successful provided if business decision makers adopted a few policies and work it out fruitfully. Internet marketing is quite different from offline marketing. Internet advertising requires a different approach, the web has several unique concepts which could be exploited and could be used effectively. An analytical study of the competitor would help one to understand the methods employed in marketing their products and services in the net. This would definitely enhance the creativity in marketing one’s product or services effectively in the internet.

Coordination and integration is two major factors in the realm of b2b internet marketing. The company’s offline activities should be in coordination with its online activities. Moreover the website should be effective in the area of serving its customers. The simple method to be a successful corporate website is to cater to the needs of the customers. The website has to be promoted so as to drive the visitors to the site. It is not only building a site but updating and promoting plays a major role in the B2B internet marketing activity.

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