Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Google Fever

Google Wave is the new big topic that everyone is focused on. And it deserves the attention. I recently read an article by Ben Parr from Mashable about Twave. Twave is the Google Wave extension for Twitter. And as I was reading the comments left behind, I couldn’t help but notice the excitement it is causing.

I also noticed a lot of people saying that they will stop using applications like TweetDeck if Twave matches up with them. Does this mean what I think it means? Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but it seems to me that if Google Wave matches the services provided by the countless other Twitter applications sites, then all those sites will be obsolete. Why would we need to use them when we can complete all our work on one single page? It will surely be a monopoly in a field that was very recently emerging – that of all the Twitter applications that are still being developed or already in use.

Personally, I do not know head or tales of what it takes to create an application. But Google, being the giant it is, would certainly by able to integrate all the services that sites like TweetLater and Twellow provide.

I have noticed this as a growing concern among many, that Google has yet again proven that it is invincible. (I know some experts are saying that it is not necessarily invincible, but for the moment it sure looks that way!) The reason they are concerned, even though they use Google extensively in their own fields, is because of the amount of control Google has at the moment. The freedom of choice - what some crave and all need - is the issue. And right now, especially after the announcement of Google Wave, things are likely to stay in their favor; but only time will tell.

For the moment though, they seem to be adding to the ever growing vocabulary of the World Wide Web. First it was the term ‘to Google’ and now it seems like the term ‘surf the web’ will be changing to ‘surf the wave’.

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