Monday, July 13, 2009

Selecting a SEO Friendly Domain Name

When it comes to choosing the best web site name for a new site, it's not so simple as just selecting a name that you like or your company name. Though selecting a familiar name can be good for branding from an SEO services perspective this may not be the best option. The website name itself, together with any page names inside the site, can all help or obstruct how easily your website will be found by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. There are a few concerns when first considering a new site name.

The number one focus is to attempt to select a site name that satisfactorily expresses your services and / or products ; it also wishes to be a broad enough term which will cover any growth in the services and products offered by the site.

Ideally it's best to pick a name that may be simply recollected by folks, to persuade repeat visits from consumers that come to understand your internet site website name, with the products that you offer.

From a search engine optimisation point of view it's best to select a name that contains your most serious keywords or keyword phrase. This is an example of the factors that will help your website to be search engine friendly and, with other factors, be less complicated found and gain higher rankings in the search engines. So how does one identify which is the best keyword to use? There are a few tools available openly online that will help you to build the best ones to choose between, my personal fave is the Google keyword tool. To find this simply type, 'Google keyword tool' into the Google search box, and it should come up inside the initial few results.

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